EARTH TOUR Torrent Available for Download

by on March 14th, 2011
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Brand new preview! Get the torrent of book and movie here.

It is finished.

by on October 5th, 2010
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Dear HORSE the band fans,
3 years of work are over.

I was gonna say something.

We mailed out the > ~500 Earth Tour Photobooks and 7-DVD Sets today. We did it at the post office. It took a long time to make them. Carrying them sucked. They were heavy. They cost $3400 to ship. It took 2 years to make the 6-volume, 10.5 hour movie. It took 6 months to select photos, edit them, and then lay out the photo book. It took 4 months to hand-make all the books and DVDs.

The casing of the book is bound in real cloth. I don’t think this has been done for like 100 years because it’s too time-consuming and too expensive. I think also our book is the first cloth-bound full-color book in existence. Our bookmaker Tony cut 7 football fields of fabric and went through half a ton of chipboard. The book is beautiful. It is the coolest thing ever released by a band ever. It feels so good to hold.

There are 3 versions of the book. One is in brown cloth with gold hot stamping. That is what most of you will get. The second version is maroon with white foil hot stamping. That is what particularly generous donors got. Looks like their generosity paid off, BIG TIME. There aren’t very many of these. And the third is the rare white version, which only the touring party gets. ahahahah

More people than we ever expected ordered the book and it was hard to find enough artifacts and prizes to give to you guys but we did it. All of our keepsakes are gone. :_( Lots of people got pieces of Plopp’s Plopp pants. If you don’t know what those are, you will soon, so don’t be surprised if you are lucky and have a piece of jeans floating in your package..

Anyway, we mailed the books media mail in the US and Priority to every other country in the world. Depending on where you live you could get your book tomorrow or up to about 10 days from now. Sorry it’s so late.

If you like the movie and book the best thing you can do is show it to someone else. and then tell them to donate or something. instead of buying Subway that day. Also, donations under $5 pretty much all just go to Paypal, so don’t bother donating if it’s less than that. Not that we don’t appreciate it, but I doubt you would wanna spend $5 of your money if we were only gonna see like $2.20 of it. After $5 the percentage becomes less stupid.

We are going to make a torrent of the DVDs available ourselves on public and private sites. We realized someone is going to do it anyway, and we want people to see this the way we intended it and to have the opportunity to tell people what we were thinking in a special message in the torrent.

After everyone has received their book we’ll make the torrent available on our sites and release pictures of the book so everyone who didn’t get one can feel very, very sad..

We’re submitting to film festivals too, so who knows what will happen with that. I heard you have to buy in to those things but maybe there are some good people out there somewhere still. Anyway, if you like the movie and think it would be cool for a bigger audience to see it, eventually maybe even having all-nighter marathon screenings around the world (we think it would be cool), you can donate to us to help make that happen. There’s a donate button at

We had to make 10% extra than what we thought we needed as a safety, cause so many books get destroyed in the binding process. Lots of them did get destroyed in fact, but It’s possible that we will have a few books left over, and if we do, I guarantee some horrible way of having a chance at getting one. HAaahaahahah it is going to be PSYCHOLOGICALLY FUCKED UP contest and perhaps even more fucked up for your wallet. But, that’s what you get if you missed out on the greatest piece of paraphernakujahnaj ever produced the first time around..

So. keep your eyes peeled if you are in the market for that sort of thing. I guarantee if there are some they will go with a blinding surprise, the last surprise of your life.


Oh, one other thing. We mailed your books with the DVDs in weird positions to keep them as safe as possible. You can put them in the sleeves when you get them, or you can take them out. For long terms storage I would store the DVDs on a spindle so the book doesn’t get a weird shape. But as long as you don’t smash it between other books, they won’t get a weird shape, so it’s not a big deal. Also, we recommend not pushing the DVDs all the way to the bottom of the sleeves, they are a little bit hard to get out then, but don’t worry, it’s possible with a little ingenuity, which I’m sure you all have. But they sit nice and snug before that point, so don’t worry about it.

Update 2 Part 2

by on September 9th, 2010
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Bros. Proofing is long done. The DVDs are all pressed and done in my living room. The pages of the book are done printing. We are waiting on the illustrious Tony who is hand-making all the casings of the books. He needs about 2 more weeks to get through them. He has done about 400. They look incredible. T…hen they will get bound to the pages. Then we paste in DVD sleeves (which are done). Then we stuff with DVDs and mail them out. The books should be going out in a little less than 3 weeks. No one wants to be done with this more than us. We guarantee you. Hang tight. Don’t worry. Check out the proof of existence/progress links:

Pics & Video

Update 2!

by on August 12th, 2010
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We are proofing. This takes much longer than expected cause we want everything to be absolutely perfect! Basically we are making sure what we designed on a computer prints out the way we want it to, so it’s a big back and forth process with the printer. This next proof should be our final proof and we should get it at the beginning of next week. Once it’s approved then we can print the actual pages. This is about a 4-5 day job. The handmade covers are almost all done being handmade. Then the books will be bound. That will be another 3-4 (business) days. The DVDs are going to duplication early next week. That’s a two week turnaround with the quality control we are having done. Then we need to do some more hand stuff and finally mail them out to you. So it is looking like 2-3 weeks until that point!!!! Don’t be sad. When you get them you will be happy B)


by on July 8th, 2010
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To everyone who preordered a Photobook/DVD Set! Finally, after 6 months of painstaking labor and thinking and rethinking and laying out and editing and writing text and choosing photos and editing photos and editing text and organizing and reorganizing (and touring), the photobook is finished and has been sent to the printing press.

And after 2 AND A HALF YEARS OF UTTER HELL the DVDs will be finally finalized in the next week and will be sent off immediately upon completion. The DVDs take less time than the books so it will all be ok. The hand made covers are in the process of being hand made.

SO! Depending on the production process, barring any weird delays or fuckups, we should have a finished product in hand in about 2 weeks. A liiiiittle bit behind schedule but still pretty good.

And then we will ship them to you IMMEDIATELY!

So, sit tight. It’s almost finished.

And hold off on the Paypal disputes, cause if you win, someone else will get your book dummy!

Don’t worry. It’s even cooler than I thought it would be and it’s definitely worth the wait.

Oh yeah, we sold just over 500.
I can’t believe it.


EARTH TOUR Photobook & 6-DVD Set now available to purchase!!! Deadline: May 24

by on March 21st, 2010
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Oh man. My eyes hurt. This website is ready to be viewed. And the EARTH TOUR 100 page, hardcover photobook and 6 DVD set (1 live DVD) with footage from 45 countries is FUCKIN ready to be bought.

RIGHT HERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anyone can order! From anywhere in the world! We won’t run out! You get it custom made for you, with your name written in and your own one of a kind artifacts.

You just have to
make sure
you buy it
by …
MAY 24

All info about the book is in the post directly below this.

Preliminary preview video clips in the Video section.
Preview photos on the Photos page.

Official EARTH TOUR PHOTOBOOK/DVD SET Trailer coming soon, after we get back from Africa. And it is going to be the trailer to end all trailers.

I mean, obviously, since this is the band release to end all band releases.

For now, buy, then explore!
One day each one of these books will be worth $10,000.

Preliminary Details of Photo Book

by on February 15th, 2010
    15 hours (our goal) of HD footage, taken from 120 hours of raw footage resulting in 6 DVDs showing the countries we visited, the people we met, the shows we played, everything crazy and funny and sad that happened, and most importantly, us. :)
    Think of this not as a DVD or movie, but more like a novel in video form. Something you spend a lot of time with to reap a greater artistic reward for your soul. A Rock Odyssey, but something even greater, as Rock is only one of many parts of the equation!
    1 live DVD: Every song we played on tour, each song’s footage and audio comes from a different show in a different country.
    The DVDs will be nestled into the back cover of a hard-cover full color photo book. This will be either 50 or 100 pages. The size is still unknown but it will probably be bigger than a DVD case. The books will be one of a kind with actual tour artifacts (ticket stubs, fliers, plane tickets) incorporated (sewn, pasted) into each.
    The books will be hand-bound (professionally, it will NOT fall apart, they will look and feel exactly like any book you buy in a store, quality-wise) and will be very beautiful and special items.
    The photo book will contain the best of the best pictures from tour and will follow the tour chronologically, so you can reference the photos while watching the DVD. Each member will write their memories of or explain specific photos which need explaining. There will be a lot of written content from the touring party including comments intended to humiliate other band members.
    This website will supplement the book and videos with extra photos, and video clips that are interesting but too long for the DVDs.

And much much much much more…

Preorders will start soon. The only way to order the set is to preorder it, as we will be using money from the preorders to produce the books. Once preorders are closed, there will be no way to get a copy of this book ever again. The pressing will be limited to the amount of preorders. We will personally write the owner’s name in each book and limit orders to 2 per person, for 2 different names only. The price is still being determined, however it will be a minimum price. You can pay more if you feel especially in tune with the spirit of HORSE the band. The preorder period will last around two months, at which point everything will be produced and sent out as quickly as possible.


by on February 15th, 2010

Hello. You have found the official web presence of HORSE the band’s EARTH TOUR 2008, the 45-country, 4-continent, 90-day, globe-circumnavigating, self-booked legend of the music industry.

This is the only place you can preorder the preorder-only 6 DVD set and hardcover photo book with tour artifacts and band commentary.